How Does The American Culinary Federation Serve The Community?

Membership of the American Culinary Federation signifies a standard of excellence in the food industry backed by skill, knowledge and professionism in all aspects of catering. It is the surest sign that a member is a genuine chef with the ability and training to prepare food which is both nutritious and healthy.The Federation, which was founded over 80 years ago,continues to expand, looking after its members needs,as well as promoting a healthier lifestyle for all. It should be the aim, therefore, for any aspiring chef to join the Federation as early as possible in their career, as this action can only bring significant benefits in the years that follow.

The Federation was first formed when several independent associations in New York decided to amalgamate, to create one body which could look after the interests of the chefs in the city. This is still very much necessary, as there are a great many chefs working in diverse positions in New York. Many are in traditional institutions which have been around since the days when the Federation was initially formed, and even many years before that. Others are part of the new wave of restaurants which have sprung up in recent years, as more ethnic groups have settled in the city and began to run their own restaurant businesses.

The primary objective of the Federation is still to look after the interests of the chefs who are members. This can be done by assisting with pay negotiations, although most catering establishment owners need little reminding of the importance of a quality chef. The decoration and feel of a restaurant may be important factors, but they are not going to bring customers back for repeat visits unless the food is of the highest quality. Even though the catering industry has expanded throughout the United States,the quality of the food served is paramount, and the better the standard it is will help to enhance the reputation of the restaurant and make it a success.

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The American Culinary Federation is also trying to raise the profile of catering in the community in several different ways. Firstly, the Federation is actively to promoting healthy eating in the community, in response to the huge numbers of people eating junk food, and the rates of heart disease and obesity in American cities. The drive for healthy nutrition is one which is coming from many different places, including the Federal Government, so the Federation has a great deal of support. Of course, not everyone can spend as much time on their food preparation as a professional chef, but they can still learn to eat healthily.

Another focus of activity for the Federation is trying to get young people interested in healthy eating and food preparation. There are many families where the children play a part in preparing food, not just for their own brothers and sisters, but also for the parents and any other adults in the house. They are typically being misguided by food manufacturers, and are very often swayed by blantant forms of advertising, and once the bad habits have started they are difficult to overcome. If the children can learn the right techniques of healthy food preparation, those habits can last a lifetime.

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If you want to find out more information and how to become a member visit the American Culinary Federation's website. This will give you an insight into the significant benefits available.Even if you do not wish to join at the present time non-members can benefit from their activities, for example,you can find information about ways to eat more healthily, or a school could invite a delegation to teach the pupils and the caterers about healthy food. Such a project would definitely be of interest to the American Culinary Federation.




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